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Light, analysis of the widely applied

by:SRS     2021-01-10
Light, analysis of the widely applied high lamp: generally refers to more than 15 meters steel conical light pole and high-power modular fixtures are a * * lighting device. It is made up of lamp holder, internal electric lamps and lanterns, rod body and basic parts. Lamp holder model can according to user requirements, concrete and the surrounding environment, lighting requires; Internal lamps and lanterns is composed of omni and project-light lamp, light source adopts NG400 high pressure sodium lamp, lighting a diameter of 60 meters. Rod body is commonly sprayed alone structure, with steel plate and the height is 15 - More than 40 meters, for two to three. Light, also is one of the solar street light products. The use of light, and very extensive. In elevating high lamp at the bottom of the rectangle in the inner chamber, in addition to equipment electrical control system and equipment such as lifting motor system. Electric control system equipment inside the light pole, can prevent the harsh outdoor environment in lifting movement. In the electrical control system is equipped with all kinds of circuit overload maintenance equipment. Circuit in the system of the conductive body widely use copper base, silver plated to ensure outstanding touch electrical connection. Lift high lamp of lifting system is through the motor, Electromagnetic brake type) Worm gear and worm reducer, safety coupling, main cable, vice wire rope, the rope, and components, such as driving lamp plate lifting pulley group. Worm gear and worm gear reducer of the self-locking capability is strong, compact transmission, the transmission ratio is large, in order to reduce the worm gear and worm gear ratio, reduce the rising torque, especially to increase a set of pulleys, lamp plate lifting speed is less than zero. 2 m/s. Dear customer: our company has a high lamp, solar garden light, solar street light products, you can call our company service special line over the web for more detailed product information, perfect service is our endless pursuit of the United States, welcome new and old customers trust our products of choose and buy, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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