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LED street light than the high-pressure sodium lamp is more safe and reliable

by:SRS     2021-01-10
At present in many parts of the led street lamp is given priority to with high pressure sodium lamp, the lamp is an obvious drawback droop is large, use for a year or so after the droop will drop by more than 30%, and the failure rate is higher, light range is small, can't see clearly the road ahead, this to the people to the safety of the night, also easy to happen accident. So countries actively promote the use of led lights. Outdoor lighting - Conventional LED street lamp is to promote the use of LED lighting is mainly because it is stable and reliable, high color rendering index, a time of failure is less than 3%, the light cover is wider, effectively to ensure the safety of people's night. And traditional street lamps and the led street lamp is different, its power consumption, electricity consumption is higher, some cities for road lighting cost reasons, usually in very early lights out, and it is also can't save, because there are a lot of people walking outside, so early can bring inconvenience to the night life of people to go to bed. Led street lamp lighting is more flexible, it is better than the traditional sodium lamp energy saving more than 60%, and equipped with intelligent dimming system, can provide the corresponding lighting according to actual condition, both reduced the management cost of lighting, and meets the requirements of delay lighting.

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