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LED street light energy savings per year than you imagine

by:SRS     2021-01-11

as coal consumption in our country. 4%. Among them, the coal consumption accounted for 62% of the total energy consumption. solar led street light, such as can be realized in the consumption of coal in the industrial production of energy saving, no doubt, can be a very effective way to protect the environment.

the use of energy-saving solar led street light products are favorable for promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction measures, while China is currently in the use of energy-saving products, there is plenty of room. If all the lights for lighting LED street lamps, annual savings of electricity is equivalent to the annual output of three gorges power station.

the obvious advantages of LED street lamp LED street lamp lighting energy saving and power saving, long life, low cost, simple and convenient application, loved by people. So in many cities have been a lot of applications. LED street lamp lighting technology matures, luminous lumens per watt rapid growth, to decrease prices. Led lamps and lanterns of high energy saving, long life, the universally acknowledged the superior performance of environmental protection.

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