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LED street light damage to the environment will not!

by:SRS     2021-01-11
solar led street light will be the best choice for energy saving transformation of high light efficiency, less power consumption long service life, the road lighting is the most important part of all our city traditional street lamps, often USES some of the high pressure lamps and his loss the biggest drawback is the waste of energy, and we in the global environment is deteriorating, day and night to air pollution, we all countries in the development of clean energy. Outdoor lighting LED street light LED street lamp power supply began there are serious shortages, energy conservation is our the whole of the world's most needed to solve the problem. So now developed some new type of high efficiency and energy saving longer service life, high color rendering index to compare the LED street lamp lighting of city of environmental protection energy conservation, has the very vital significance, road lighting in our life are closely related, as the pace of urbanization in the us, the choice of street lamp power consumption is low drive characteristic is better, faster response, aseismic capacity is higher, practical life longer. The advantage of green environmental protection is not that we use to. LED street lamp with conventional street lamps is different light source adopts some low voltage dc power supply, an effective safety, energy conservation and environmental protection long service life, the response speed is faster, cover its production of high temperature at 130 degrees, reached 45 degrees below zero, and the characteristics of the unidirectional light, no guarantee of diffuse light illumination efficiency, even he has unique secondary optical design, street lamp lighting, areas to further improve the shot to the lighting, lighting efficiency to achieve the purpose of energy saving. So a lot of people will choose this kind of LED street light and its price is also different, relatively in the process of purchase, we should choose a suitable for their own.

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