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LED street lamp of nine big matters needing attention

by:SRS     2020-11-09
Using LED lighting lamp and energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, high refers to, like gradually has become a public product, so the LED street lamp need to be aware of several big issues do you understand? Outdoor lighting co. , LTD. Engineer to answer one by one to you: -) LED street light, LED street lamp power supply must be electric, constant current depends on the street lamp lighting material properties affected by the environment, such as the temperature increases, so the LED electric current will increase; The other voltage increase, the LED current will increase. Such as more than rated current job for a long time, but also can greatly shorten the service life of LED lamp bead. LED constant current is in the environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change, is also to ensure that the work current value remains the same. 2, LED street lamp power constant current precision solar led street light on the market of some power supply constant current precision is poor, possible error of 8%, the error is too big. 1 Ed lamps manufacturer general requirement at 3%. According to the design of 3%. Production of power supply to fine-tune can achieve 3% error. 3, the working voltage of LED street lamp power leds recommended working voltage is 3. 0 - 3. 5 v, the led street lamp manufacturers test, the led street lamp power supply most of the work in 3. 2 v, so press 3. 2 calculation formula is relatively reasonable. M a total lamp bead series voltage = 3. 2 * N4 interchange, LED street lamp power supply what is the most suitable current example: LED the rated current of 350 ma, some factories use from the start, design 350 ma, actually this electrical work shed fever is very serious, through the contrast test for many times, 1 designed 320 ma Ed street lamp manufacturers found to be the most appropriate. Reduce heat, make more power into visible light. 5, LED street lamp power supply board series parallel with wide voltage to how wide? To make the LED street lamp power supply work in the input voltage range is wide range AC85 - 265 v, the LED series parallel way is very important. As far as possible need not wide voltage, AC220V, AC110V classified as far as possible, to ensure the power supply reliability. The current power supply is not commonly isolated buck type constant current power supply, when required voltage 110 v, output voltage not over 70 v, serial number of not more than 23 string. The input voltage of 220 when the output voltage to 156 v. In other words, the serial number of not more than 45 series. Parallel number not too much, otherwise the working current is too large, power supply heating. Another solution, wide voltage APFC active power compensation is to use the L6561/7527 the voltage up to 400 v, and then step down, the equivalent of two switching power supply. This scheme use only under certain conditions. 6, LED street lamp isolated/what kind of good? Generally made 15 w led street light isolation power supply such as, in the led street lamp power tube, the volume of transformer is very big, it is more difficult. Mainly according to the specific circumstances, normally only do 15 w, the isolation of less than 15 w, the price is very expensive. So, segregation ratio is not high, generally are abundant isolation more dominant, the volume can be made smaller and the smallest can do 8 mm high, in fact, the isolation security measures ready, there is no problem. The space allows, of course, also can do isolation power supply. 7, LED street lamp power how to do with light bead board match? In fact, 1 Ed street lamp manufacturers choose one of the most excellent way of string and add on each LED voltage current is the same, the effect of the power supply, but it can play the best performance. 8, LED street lamp power efficiency LED street lamp power input minus power output value, this parameter is particularly important, the bigger the value is, the less the efficiency, means that a good portion of the input power is converted into heat; If installed inside the lamp will generate a very high temperature, also LED a photosynthetic efficiency than the send out quantity of heat, can produce higher temperature superposition. And all electronic parts within our power supply will increase with increasing temperature and shorten the life, so efficiency is the most fundamental factor decision power life, efficiency cannot be too low, or the amount of consumption on the power supply is too big. The isolation type isolation method is more effective than type, generally in the 80% to it. 9, LED street lamp power supply cooling heat dissipation is the main factors LED street lamp power supply bead used under the condition of no overheating can greatly extend life, lea street lamp manufacturers generally use aluminum radiator, easier to heat dissipation. Is the street lamp power supply bead on the aluminum substrate, an external cooling area as far as possible. Outdoor lighting is the city of more than nine points for attention to tell you about the LED street lamp.
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