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LED solar street light why heat island effect?

by:SRS     2021-01-13
The service life of Led solar street light is very long, want to ensure the long service life, you need to guarantee the working efficiency and service life of the solar panels, but solar panels, heat island effect will reduce its work efficiency and service life, we have to prevent the heat island effect of solar panels, then we will to learn about solar panels heat island effect is produced by what reason! Led solar street lamps are heat island effect, mainly influenced by external factors, the general external cause is the main cause of the solar panels, heat island effect, solar panels in production when you should consider how to solve the internal heat island effect. If the solar cell components be other objects for a long time will seriously affect the fever, then can produce the heat island effect. In order to prevent the battery solar street lamps are damaged due to heat island effect, and we need the solar battery components of positive and negative electrode a bypass diode in parallel, its role is in the component or open shade, provide a current path, not disable the whole series of solar cell components, it also avoids the have light energy produced by solar modules by shelter solar modules. 'd like to know more about information of led solar street light welcome consulting, led solar street lamps factory specialized research and development production and sales of solar energy, led lights, such as outdoor lighting, with many years of production experience and advanced production equipment, quality assurance, reasonable price, configuration, to buy the led outdoor lighting, consultation of led solar street light prices please click contact us online customer service, or call the service hotline of solar street lamps, welcome calls to order!
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