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LED solar street light what are the benefits

by:SRS     2021-04-17
What are the benefits of LED solar street lamp for LED solar street lamps, believes that many people have heard of, but for a lot of purchasing personnel, are extremely concerned about the benefits of the lamp, as well as the maintenance problems, now let's take a look at what are the benefits of the street lamp. For the LED solar street light, the biggest advantage is that can not use electricity, installation is convenient, the location of the installation is not subject to any restrictions. This kind of street lamp light is very soft, in the light play don't feel dazzling. The benefits of this kind of LED solar street lamps have very many, the biggest advantage is to be able to make up for the shortage problem of many rural road lighting, the lights don't need wire, also need not electricity, saves the electricity expenses, so it was very popular. This street lamp installation and maintenance is very convenient, as long as a cement base, can be a successful installation. Moreover, the street light after repair and maintenance need very little, almost won't appear any problems, in a big start to save.
ordinary street lamp installation bargain or cost-effective solar street lamps?
ordinary street lamp installation bargain or cost-effective solar street lamps? Many people want to purchase lamps, but I don't know that is common or solar street light, street light conversion to calculate account here, than after I think everyone understand. Let's take 6 meters of the ordinary street lamp for reference, the ordinary cost around 1300 yuan (us $6 m street lamps, and in 2100 - the cost of solar street lamps Around 2300. Construction cost, ordinary street lamp is controlled in 1500 yuan, including trenching, wiring, power grid, pouring the foundation, installation of street lamps, etc. The construction cost is controlled in 400 yuan of solar street lamps, so calculate down, ordinary street lamp installed in 2800 yuan, after the solar street light is in 2500 yuan to 2800 yuan, all at the time of die erste installation, solar street light has an advantage. Use cost have already demonstrated that the use of solar energy street lamp cost is much lower than ordinary street lamp, electric, so no matter in green or economy in terms of cost, choose solar street light are an extremely cost saving of lighting system.
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