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Led solar street light heat dissipation problem how to solve

by:SRS     2020-07-25

Now road there are a lot of led solar street light, they will quietly homework every night to bring us light, but they will also tired, they will fever after long-term operation, the time you need to heat dissipation, the cooling way of led solar street light is how? As for the skills of led solar street light heat dissipation, generally using the heat conducting plate method is actually a 5 mm thick copper plate, is actually a piece of plate temperature, the heat source temperature drop; Also will come with a fin heat dissipation, but the weight is too big. Weight on the street lamp head system is very important, general street lamp head equipment has six meters high above, and if the weight is too the danger will add many relatively, especially in earthquake, hurricane is perhaps accidents of work. Recently some domestic manufacturers are beginning to choose the groundbreaking acicular heat dissipation ability, acicular radiator cooling power is much better than traditional flake radiator, can make the junction temperature more than 15 ℃ lower than the general radiator, and the waterproof performance is better than general aluminum radiator, together on the weight and volume is also improved. In the field of the use of solar power, led solar street light is a very important position. Led solar street light system selects the pv + energy storage method, is a kind of typical independent solar power system. Sunshine by day satisfaction photovoltaic battery power, to battery, battery discharge at night, to supply electricity to the street lamp. In practice, if the control of the battery is not reasonable, the charging method is undeserved, overcharge discharge will affect the battery life, in order to fall protection capital, in the most efficient way to go to a reasonable storage battery charging, discharge, of course, are to be reasonable. 
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