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LED solar street light common inspection maintenance method

by:SRS     2021-01-13

now led solar street lamp installation is more and more widely, and a long service life of led solar street lamps, so to grasp some knowledge of common test and maintenance of led solar street light is very be necessary, solar led street lamp manufacturers to explain some problems about led solar street light work system how to detect small knowledge:

1, the solar panel testing:

solar panel connection can cause not charging properly such as is not very strong, usually for voltage, normal open circuit voltage at 17. More than 5 v, but there is no current. This phenomenon for the panel line no good ( Welds in virtual welding or joint unstable) , screening method can be directly behind the panels of black appliances on the cover, directly with the voltage, ampere meter testing data. If without current, heavy panels aluminum foil detection are directly indicates a problem to change the panels.

2, solar controller detection:

red light means on the solar controller is charging, the red light flashing said solar battery has been charged, solar controller is to small current charging pulse. Controller yellow light: it means the battery has been deficient points, lights can't work normally, at this time as the battery wire disconnect again lit up once again, this is the controller test for the battery is after a day of charge and make the battery capacity increased, is not a battery of floating voltage ( Disconnect the load of the recovery voltage) ;

3, LED lamps and lanterns of detection:

LED light source under the condition of the battery voltage is normal cannot work normally, such as the light not bright, can put the lamps and lanterns is the cathode directly to check on the cathode, the batteries are as the light source can light up, it means the lamps and lanterns is good, the controller does not cause the load power supply, the controller has a problem, this phenomenon for the rainy day after a long time, the battery voltage is not enough, The controller for the protection of the battery voltage is 11. 3 v - 22. 6 v, as long as the battery is lower than the voltage, the controller will be forced to turn off the lights) Have to wait after the fully charged battery, voltage up to 12 v ( 24V) After, lamps and lanterns to work properly. Such as lamps and lanterns is directly connected to the lamp, lamps and lanterns is not bright, also said there is something wrong with the lamps and lanterns. Reflect this phenomenon is: adjusting control, the control circuits of lamps and lanterns parts problems encountered this kind of situation in new on line.

4, solar battery detection:

the battery charge and discharge, under normal circumstances should be normal, such as detection is the voltage is 12 v, and connect the lights ( Load) Later said the battery voltage NaXiang falling short time pressure has been damaged, another battery in waterproof casing is caused by the water across the short circuit and to detect the correct voltage, usually is a moment of high pressure, low pressure after a while, due to the water too much battery discharge voltage drop to 10 v, the battery, such as after normal circulation of small current charge and discharge can be restored to normal use, if you can't use normally need to replace new, lead-acid battery after three years due to the reduced capacity will result in a day to turn off the lights or rainy day ahead of time to reduce, at this time is normal phenomenon.

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