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LED solar street lamps use maintenance method

by:SRS     2020-07-27

Use and maintenance of LED solar street light directly affects its service life, affecting the LED solar street lamp, operation cost, and affect efficiency. Repair and maintenance of solar LED lamp in is the best means to maintain the system running. In general, don't need to make surface cleaning, solar energy battery components for exposed terminal point to conduct regular inspection and maintenance. 1) In case of strong wind, rainstorm, hail, snow, etc. , measures should be taken to protect the solar cell phalanx, so as to avoid damage.  2) Solar cell phalanx of daylighting should protect clean, if dust or other dirt, should wash first, again with a clean gauze to water wipe gently, do not use the wash, brush try hard object or corrosive solvent.  3) For LED solar street light matching battery, should be in strict accordance with the use of the storage battery maintenance methods used.  4) Procuratorial LED solar street light electrical system wiring regularly, in order to avoid loose connection. 5) Check the connection of LED solar street light resistance. when the road there are often transported sediment large vehicles through, should be determined by the LED solar street light maintenance personnel regularly check for solar modules, solar energy battery components surface area when the observed dust appears gray, can't see solar battery components of the original blue crystal board face, should be timely to cleaning the dust removal, solar energy battery components to avoid solar modules absorption caused by insufficient light battery is insufficient, which affects the service life of battery. Depending on the solar LED street lamp installation environment components of solar cells for cleaning the dust on a regular basis.  A general rural road: 5 ~ 6 months to clean A advisable.  B town streets: 3 ~ 4 months to clean a advisable. Dust application safety when a ladder for dusting operation, do not climb the LED solar street light light pole directly. Can use clean cotton dry mop first sweep off dust, reoccupy wet clean cotton mop clean.
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