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LED solar street lamps and the traditional energy-saving lamps each index contrast

by:SRS     2020-07-26

Energy conservation and emissions reduction has become the current and future Chinese society faces and pressing priority & throughout; One of the. Recently, to complete the reductions in the 11th five-year plan, some areas even took the very means such as electricity. When people racked our brains for energy conservation and emissions reduction, LED to the significant effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction is quietly set off a new revolution. The LED power consumption is only 1/10 of the traditional light bulb, service life is 100 times that of the traditional light bulb. And widely used in road, railway stations, compared to square lighting in public places such as high pressure sodium lamp, LED solar street lamp power consumption is only 40% ~ 50% of high pressure sodium lamp. LED solar street light is equivalent to 100 w high pressure sodium lamp 250 w brightness; 250 w high pressure sodium lamp with 1 KWH every 3 hours, and 100 watts of LED solar street light consumption of 1 KWH every 10 hours. 1000 according to the urban public lighting street lamps, each lamp light 10 hours a day, 1 yuan price calculation: 250 w high pressure sodium lamp electricity every day up to 3500 yuan, electricity as much as 1. 27 million yuan a year. 100 watts of LED solar street light energy saving 2400 degrees every day, a year can save electricity more than 870000 yuan, the energy saving efficiency of 68. 5%. The service life of the high pressure sodium lamp is 4000 hours, average every street lamp maintenance cost is 120 yuan, calculated at 1000 streetlights, maintenance for more than 120000 yuan a year. And the service life of the LED solar street light for 50000 hours, normal use can be more than eight years, the damage rate is extremely low. According to the relevant institutions research estimates that by the end of 2010, if the 1/3 of our country existing lighting light source adopts solar led street light, can power saving 150 billion degrees, press 0 per KWH. 8 yuan, can save 120 billion yuan. According to the existing electric energy structure, equivalent to between 25 million and 43. 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of 1. 35 million tons.
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