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LED solar lamp cost us less than ordinary street lamp

by:SRS     2020-07-25

Although solar street light for the first time are a little taller than traditional ordinary street lamp installation cost, but after these costs with the long-term use of ordinary street lamp of electricity want to compare a bargain, the below we let professional solar street lamps factory give us a detailed analysis. 1, the two kinds of LED lamp holder and lamp post cost of the system is generally the same, the difference lies mainly in solar panels. Usually the power of solar panels is about three times the power LED lamps and lanterns. If LED to 100 watts, requires the use of 300 watts of solar panels. At present the price of the solar panels has been reduced to 23 yuan/tile, tile is $300 to $6900. In addition, the solar LED street lamp system also need batteries, but its cost is equal to the ac power supply of switch power supply cost. So both can offset the cost of itself of lamps and lanterns of the difference is mainly solar panels. 2, communication power supply LED street lamp is the biggest spending upon initial installation of cable laying. The average person thought mainly is the cost of the cable itself, but in addition to the cable itself, its laying, auxiliary facilities ( Inspection Wells, power distribution equipment) And so on, are much more expensive than the cable itself. Now assume that in 10 kilometers of road, for example, a lamp, every 30 meters across the place, need a total of 666 LED street lamp, if use solar street lamp, five years can recycling costs can save 430000 yuan, after five years of electricity can save 1. 22 million yuan each year. 
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