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LED solar lamp cost is expected to cut later

by:SRS     2020-07-26

In the lighting market, & other; Energy conservation and emissions reduction & throughout; Many enterprises become the slogan of competition. For the solar street light industry, LED lighting, now mostly clear with fluorescent lighting. 'Research has shown that the same brightness of LED light than fluorescent lights can power saving about 50%. As energy increasingly nervous, all countries are scrambling for the development and utilization of new energy. New energy products such as solar street lamp are on the stage of the market. The cold white LED lamp in the field of non-resident lighting is economy. Consider power saving effect of reckoning solar led street light use about 10000 hours can recoup costs, and product life is already significantly beyond that level. In order to consider the effect of time value, we use the discount rate of 20%, still found, under the current prices for 10 hours/day, 250 days per year in the use of occasions have positive economic value, this will include most of the residents of lighting applications.There is still a huge decline in space, the cost including photosynthetic efficiency improving, economies of scale and industrial profit return is reasonable. Chip prices had already started, at the end of 2011 the LED illumination will cost down 30 - compared with the current 40%, we believe that the price will start the warm white light, or 4 6 hours/day application, including the vast majority of non-resident lighting applications, and 2012 household lighting will start. November LED lighting application demonstration project will change the user understanding of product characteristics of leds, the early stage of the unregulated market competition and the use of the user experience is difficult to agree with the LED long life of 20000 hours. Vast amounts of LED market, LED lighting in chip, encapsulation, thermal conductive materials, light anti-reflection materials, drives and different areas. About 20% of global electricity consumption is lighting, LED lighting will save more than half of the electricity consumption, this is a potential market capacity of leds. After the encapsulation and application is deserves more attention in 2011, because of supply chain including chip prices fall, and will trigger lighting application expectations; LED lighting chip currently accounts for only about 15% of the whole lamp price, great product added value is in the period of manufacturing and channel link; With Chinese enterprises is difficult to cut into the different before TV backlight market, global lighting manufacturing capability has been concentrated in China, Chinese enterprises will become a dominant force. And other new energy products, energy saving effect of the solar street light without redundancy. But its development to the present the main problem is due to the influence of storage battery and the chip has been high cost. LED lighting is expected next year will has a tendency to cut cost, it may be a good news. 
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