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LED scenery complementary street light characteristics

by:SRS     2021-04-27
Scenery complementary street lamp system is mainly composed of wind turbines, solar panels, scenery complementary street lamp controller, scenery complementary special battery and LED street lamp light a few main parts and the light pole, bracket of solar panels and related accessories, using wind and solar energy as power * * energy-saving street lamp system. Wind turbines and solar panels, making full use of wind power and solar energy resources, and provide a steady stream of energy solar street light system. When night falls, street light controller lights to LED light source instructions, scenery complementary street lamp LED light source through the stored battery power automatically light, when the LED landscape lighting lighting preset time time controller, LED light source automatic put out, by charging to the light to the * after turn off the lights, the whole process completely by the scenery complementary street lamp controller automatically, without human intervention. LED characteristics of scenery complementary street lamp: scenery complementary street lamp according to different models of the climate environment configuration of different wind generators, in limited conditions in wind energy * big into a purpose in order to achieve. Solar panels with high conversion rate * monocrystalline silicon solar panels at present, greatly improved the solar power generation efficiency, effectively improve when the wind under the condition of insufficient resources, low conversion rate of solar panels, and lead to insufficient charging, the problem of unable to ensure the normal order of the lamp lights. Scenery complementary street lamp controller, scenery complementary street lamp system * main parts, to play a number of other components division and work together, the main function of scenery complementary controller can series, electric lights, control to turn off the lights, automatic power tracking, automatic unloading, overcharge put protection functions in one, stable and reliable performance, get the customer the consistent high praise. Scenery complementary with light lamps using high-performance high-volume maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, provide enough power for scenery complementary street lamps, to ensure the rainy days LED scenery complementary street lamp light source, light time, enhance the stability of the system. In addition to the above products, the company also supplies have LED street lamp, yangzhou high lamp and other products, our company has the practical technology, with '*' * * operations team, to create on the premise that the user experience for your service, the service of the supreme good to beauty is our endless pursuit. Because of the people-based, so trustworthy; And * * professional, trustworthy. The above information is for reference only. For details, please contact related staff to answer you.
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