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LED outdoor solar street light quality how to distinguish?

by:SRS     2020-04-02

LED outdoor solar street light quality how to distinguish? < / p > < p > because of social progress, the application of street lamp is more and more widely, since there are lights in the future, for the urban traffic safety and provide a convenient travel. Street lamp has become very important part of the day, and the acquisition of equipment and of wild street lamp was therefore not careless. Solar street lamps factory below to share for us, and see it together:  if road lighting effects owe good and cost to stronger lamp is not suitable for use. With demand for outdoor street light now, appear on the market to the material is the street light, at the same time are difficult to determine which field quality of street lamp. Therefore, let shenzhen century sunshine solar energy company below small make up to us about how difference between wild street lamp quality!  1, when buying journey outdoor street light, is bound to see a complete set of lamp power factor. If wild street lamp power is too low will affect the use of the street lamp life situation, it is a good street lamp power low life won't be too long. 2 lights, requirements, check the cooling condition, field cooling functions of street lamp is very important, if the cooling conditions owe good street lamp high temperature for a long time, will increase the droop to cut the use of street lamp life spans.  3, buy the lamp time to look at whether agree with national safety standards and specifications in accordance with the provisions of the state to choose from. 
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