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Led lights replace traditional street lamp six reasons!

by:SRS     2020-04-11

We all know, the road lighting is an important part of urban lighting. In the past, we use the traditional street lamp, traditional street lamps are now gradually eliminated, solar street light has become a popular product. Solar LED street light than traditional street lamps have what advantage? Why can gradually replace the traditional street lamp?  a, more energy saving and environmental protection in the past, ordinary street lamp contains some harmful substances, as well as the spectrum of harmful rays. solar led street light, no mercury, no ultraviolet, no radiation, more conducive to environmental protection and human health. Compared with the ordinary street lamp, LED street lamp is a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection lighting products, more in line with our needs.  2, low input costs in laying engineering is much more complicated than the traditional street lamp LED street lamp, not only to dig holes, and the way that resources are expensive, and the traditional street lamp of electricity is high, the cost is high. LED street lamp does not need to dig a hole, or cable, you also need to intercept a third of the ordinary street lamp, save a lot of manpower and material cost. ” Compared with the traditional street light, LED street lamp is a kind of more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly products. The cost of the LED street lamp was much lower than the ordinary street lamp.In addition, the LED street lights maintenance costs are especially low and will be able to recover all costs less than 6 years. three, illumination brightness compared with the traditional street light, LED street lamp lighting function is stronger. A lamp that 60 W LED street light, the brightness of up to 250 W high pressure sodium lamp illumination, not only can save a lot of electricity, even brightness also had the very big enhancement. And LED street lamp lighting color is uniform, it does not add lens, without sacrificing the uniform light to increase the brightness of color, is a very good product.  4, reliable quality  I believe many people will care about the quality of the LED street light, now let's talk about the quality of it. In fact, for the LED street light, you can rest assured, because it is the use of high quality components, the circuit of power supply, each LED has separate over-current protection, don't need to worry about the damage. More importantly, it is waterproof, shock resistance are good, quality is absolutely safe and reliable.  In general, the LED street lamp is a very good environmental protection and energy saving of the product, because of its many advantages, it has gradually into people's horizons, to become the world's best energy-saving light source, to replace the traditional street lamp. It is also the best choice of the road lighting! If you need to buy the LED street light, we must choose normal street lamp manufacturers, to ensure the quality of the products and follow up!  5, high safety coefficient we also mentioned before ordinary street lamp, the high pressure sodium lamp contains harmful substances, also contain harmful rays in the spectrum, can cause pollution to the environment, also can cause slight damage to human body. ” Not only such, ordinary street lamp installation complex, may also be a fire in use process, such as electric shock accident. And LED street light will be more at ease, on the installation and use can also reduce the risk of security.  6, long service life as we all know, the street light's long life is not long, actually influence is very big, if life is not long, often means change. Often change not only the high cost, also can cause a lot of inconvenience. Especially when change will affect traffic, also have a lot of trouble to reinstall. Ordinary street lamp to be able to use an average of three - 5 years and droop, in weathered environment rarely have 5 years of life. But the average life span for the led street light in 5 - 10 years, it also has the waterproof, impact resistance and shock resistance, good quality, generally has a decade of life. 
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