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LED lights fault solution

by:SRS     2021-01-12

can LED Lantern Festival, high brightness, long life, low failure rate, has become a common household users like a luminous body. But low failure rate is not equal to have no fault, when the LED failure what should we do and in the light? Is too luxurious for them! Actually repair leds cost is low, technology difficulty is not high also, ordinary people can operate.

light bead part damage the leds turn on the light after light bead is not bright, basically, you can judge is damaged by the lamp bead. Damage of lamp bead generally can be seen with the naked eye lamp bead surface has a black dot, prove that it has been destroyed. Sometimes light bead is first of the series and parallel, so one lamp bead loss, will cause a light bead is not on. We according to the number of lamp bead damage, provide two kinds of maintenance scheme.

one, a small amount of damage if only one or two light bead is broken, we can through the two ways for repair: 1. Find a broken lamp bead, with a wire connection on both ends of the metal, it will be the short circuit. The effect is that most of the lights bead can be normal, only individual lights bead is not broken, the impact on the overall brightness.

2。 If your beginning ability is strong, can go online to buy the same type of lamp bead ( Ten dollars a bundle) And replace with the soldering iron (myself Hair dryer blowing a little longer to also go) Heating the old lamp bead, until after the old lamp bead on the back of the plastic melt, use tweezers to get off the old lamp bead ( Don't be too hot) by hand, 。 At the same time, the strike put new lamp bead ( Pay attention to the positive cathode) , you're done!

2, a lot of damage to the

if lights, a lot of damage, recommend replacing the entire lamp bead board. Lamp bead board is also available on the Internet, pay attention to when buying 3:

1. The size of the measurement of yourself lamps and lanterns;

2。 Watch the lamp bead board and the appearance of the starter connector ( Explain later) ;

3。 Remember good starter output power range ( Explain later) 。

these three points of the new lamp bead board, must be the same as the old lamp bead board replacement lamp bead board is very simple, old lamp bead plate is screwed to the base, can be removed directly. New lamp bead board are made with magnets, replace with the new lamp bead board removed, and starter joint is good.

starter damage failure, most solar led street light are out on the starter if no light, or the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns after turn on the light flashing overall failure, nine times out of ten is the starter is broken. Starter can't repair, can only change new, but new starter is not expensive. When buying a new starter note three points: 1. Pay attention to the appearance of the joint launcher joint appearance is as follows ( Starter if it is a male head, light bead board is female head; And vice versa) 2. Remember your lamp whether can change color, can change a few kinds of color. The number of color change new starter must be the same as the old starter. 3. Remember good starter of the output power range starter will mark a range, as long as the lamp bead board can be within the limits of power in this change is still very simple, when the starter and the first lamp bead plate separation, the starter is screwed to the base, can be removed. New starter is also a magnet, good absorption, and lamp bead plate connection.
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