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LED landscape lamp factory, why push LED lighting

by:SRS     2021-01-18
LED landscape lamp manufacturer, the quality of outdoor lighting to the technology as the core competitiveness, through many years of industry experience and technology development, think the LED landscape lamp is the developing direction of later. In fact, LED products advantages, really is the best choice for outdoor lighting, LED, pushing because the customer is responsible, to provide good products to customers. - LED landscape lamp manufacturer Case LED landscape lamp manufacturers think, landscape lamp mainly has two functions, decoration and lighting decoration function is one of the most important among them. In a long period of time when using, the LED can save several times than other light, electricity, and provide more stable illumination, brightness is 3 times of energy-saving lamps, incandescent light bulbs, or seven times, far more than other lights in the life, and colorful, very suitable for landscape lamp decoration lighting. Of course, has its drawbacks as well as the LED, the most important is price, is several times more expensive than incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps. In LED landscape lamp manufacturers, light source cost a fraction of the landscape lamp is very small, so the cost increase is not much, but for a long time, when using LED energy saving and long life characteristics, will be more cost-effective than other light source. With the progress of LED technology, its photosynthetic efficiency, heat dissipation, light failure, and the cost can be more improved, LED landscape lighting manufacturer production of LED landscape light is the inevitable trend of future development. LED lighting industry, now has become the standard, this is the result of the development of technology, these two years, from around the world, in the promotion of the LED, is used to replace incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp and high pressure sodium lamp. Outdoor lighting & ndash; LED landscape lamp manufacturers, technical quality as the core competitiveness, if you are interested in solar street light lamp holder or have any questions, welcome to click, you full close sourcing consultant, one-stop integrated service, serve you wholeheartedly!
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