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LED lamps and lanterns is now why can replace traditional lighting a few main factors!

by:SRS     2021-01-17
Really can replace incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp LED lamps and lanterns? The answer is yes, the advantages of LED lamps and lanterns of household, the diversification of its appearance almost covers all the modelling of lighting products. Advantages, its long service life, up to 50000 hours ( Traditional lighting lamps and lanterns of up to 10000 hours) 。 Color diversity, can adapt to more environment. Then there is security, no matter what factors cause the damage of lamps and lanterns, don't appear to incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp damage happened after the explosion of the phenomenon. Advantages, environmental protection, part of the home LED lighting lamps and lanterns is mainly composed of acrylic cover and aviation aluminum of two parts, including an acrylic cover is play the role of pervious to light, not dazzling light. Aviation aluminum is used for light source heat dissipation. LED lamps and lanterns is different from traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, the LED itself all components can be repeatedly used, while the traditional incandescent lamp is the glass, the damage will not be able to use again. May be you don't know, fluorescent lamp ( Energy-saving lamps) A lamps and lanterns, is actually the pollution is very big, its tube containing mercury, the atmosphere, water, and soil has a very serious pollution. Due to the boiling point of mercury is very low, at room temperature have broken a CFL, instantly makes the atmospheric pollution concentration tens of thousands of times higher than normal. Three, super energy-saving advantages, LED lamps and lanterns is the real green environmental protection product, a 7 w LED bulb lamp, its brightness is equivalent to 40 w energy-saving lamps, and its brightness is instantly improve, unlike traditional lamps and lanterns, after turn on the light, from start to normal brightness there will be a slow process. As an example, take me, I have two crystal lamp in the living room, there are ten in each crystal lamp 40 w bulb, these two crystal lamp together is 800 w. Four other rooms were 60 w dome light and energy-saving light. So, four room and a living room, per hour is 1024 w. Then I put in the crystalline light bulb with a 3 w LED 3 leaf bubble, under the condition of the same brightness, added up to a total of two crystalline light need 60 w. Four other room 12 w were used respectively to absorb dome light or ball bubble lamp to replace the lamps and lanterns of the original. So, four room and a living room, only 104 w per hour. The gap between the two, we be clear at a glance. , special attention must be paid when choosing LED lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns of small factory production quality is very unreliable, maybe you spend money and a lot of, but can't buy good thing, household lamps and lanterns, I personally recommend some big brand, quality reliable, the price is very reasonable, respectively is: op, philips, silver rain, foshan, osram, leishi. 。 。 。 。 。 The emergence of the LED lamps and lanterns, largely change our living environment, if one day the LED lamps and lanterns is completely replace the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, so power plants all over the world will at least reduce the past more than 10 times of pollution gas, so we won't be for a day of inhaled PM2. 5 and complain. Overall environment requires you to maintain, LED lamps and lanterns is good energy conservation and environmental protection products, but no matter how much it save electricity, when we leave the room or not, all want to shut it down, otherwise it is not necessary a waste, waste, is shameful.
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