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Led lamp life and switch frequency have a relationship

by:SRS     2021-01-09
In daily life, sometimes frequent use of light, easy to make the lamp burn. The led lamp life and switch frequency have a relationship? LED lamp life and basic not too big relations, switch frequency can be frequently switch. and the number of switch has nothing to do, and life is mainly related to temperature, Led afraid of heat, heat dissipation is not good life will exponentially decreasing, also afraid of voltage instability. The life of the solar led street light, if under the condition of reasonable use only factors determine the LED itself. LED is a solid light source, theoretically infinite switch will not affect the light bulb life. Affect the performance of the main is the life of the switch. When do the LED dimmer, sometimes with high frequency switch to adjust the brightness function. High-speed switching frequency to reach 30000 times per second, the light bulb is also can continue to work normally. And the LED efficiency will be higher at low temperature, life will be longer. Generally normal manufacturer of solar led street light bead can reach more than 30000 hours of life.
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