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Lead to solar street lamps light up short time is the problem?

by:SRS     2020-11-30
1, battery storage is decrease battery storage battery (solar street lamps lighting at night time shorter should first consideration, solar street light energy supply and storage is done by battery, battery technology is now have a certain life, now commonly used battery solar street lamps have colloid lead acid battery and lithium battery, colloid lead-acid battery life is in commonly 3 - 5 years, lithium battery service life 5 - 8 or more than 8 years, if the solar street lamps used by the deadline, basic can consider replacement battery, like generation can lighting now basic need not colloid lead-acid battery solar street lamps, all use lithium batteries. Solar street lamp 2, long rainy day solar street lamps in the rainy days, because the light is weaker, the solar cell components cannot lower conversion or transformation, lead to charge less than electricity, so that the battery power for a long time, cause the night lighting time shorter. After waiting for better weather, this time we charge it with two days to restore the original lighting. 3 solar photovoltaic, solar photovoltaic panels is too dirty or damage to the board's main function is to convert light energy, solar cells exposed to the outside for a long time, especially the dust is more, easy to accumulate dust, dust accumulated too much to lower conversion efficiency, also will cause the charge is lower than put power, lead to lighting time, this kind of circumstance needs cleaning photovoltaic panels, filled with two atmospherics can restore the original lighting time; If lighting time is shorter after cleaning, solar photovoltaic panels may appear damaged, need to replace new photovoltaic panels. More than 3 points is the solar street light illuminate shorter time often appear at night three reasons, and the chances of getting the battery. Want to know more about solar street light price list welcome consulting outdoor lighting, solar street light manufacturer. City factory specialized research and development production and sales of solar energy, led solar street lamps and other outdoor lighting, with many years of production experience and advanced production equipment, quality assurance, reasonable price, configuration, to buy the led solar street light, consulting the price of led solar street lamps, contact our online customer service, please click on the lights or call the service hotline, you are welcome to call to order!

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