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Landscape lamp problems should be noticed in the design

by:SRS     2020-11-24
The classification of landscape lamp more actually, can be roughly divided into the footlights of street lamp, ground, trails and courtyard lights, light, low ( The lawn) Lamps and lanterns, projection lamps and lanterns, Floodlight, small projection lamp) , light pole decorative landscape lamp, etc. Landscape lamp is suitable for the square, residential area, public green space landscape places and so on. We often say that landscape lamp, now with landscape decoration effect is refers to a street lamp. Landscape lamp, as is also an indispensable part of modern landscape, it is not only itself should have a higher view and admire a gender, also stresses the artistic lamp of history and culture, landscape and scenic spot's environment harmonious and unified. Moreover landscape lamp is to use the light of the different shape, different color and brightness to landscape. For example, the red light lanterns landscape lamp modelling a festive atmosphere for the square, and such as green coconut lamp pool in stand out of the school of tropical amorous feelings. The landscape lamp design process should pay attention to what issues? Analysis is as follows: 1. Landscape lamp exists in the form of diffuse light, diffused light and different from the direct light won't produce too much shadow, make the color of bright and dark appear more downy. But in the form of diffuse light landscape lamp is an important problem to be solved in luminous body surface temperature is too high. 2. Elevation, shoulder distance calculation. Elevation, shoulder distance calculation, can be in function and landscape function to achieve a good balance between function, for example, the landscape design of the elevation design if considered appropriate, you can better reflect the role of the landscape, can also meet the needs of the people on the function. When the window of visual field with high brightness or strong brightness contrast, will make people miosis, form light spot in the eye, destroy people's visual system to adapt to the state of the physical space around, causing discomfort or visual decline. Glare is first and foremost, due to high surface brightness light source the light source intensity, the higher the glare from the more serious. If the light source brightness of certain situations, so: the environment around the dark, the more significant glare; Light source and the view point of view the more close to, the more glare significantly; Light source of the apparent area is larger, the more the number of light sources, the significant glare.

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