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How to solve the problem of solar street lamps controller waterproof

by:SRS     2020-05-13

In most of the recent continuous rainfall, surface water is easily formed. Someone may produce, so we solar street lamps factory give you talk about how to solve the problem of led solar street lamp controller waterproof! Solar street lamps controller are installed in the chimney, battery box, generally do not water, but in some practical engineering cases because of improper installation or some controller circuit board didn't do anti-corrosion paint processing, because the rain down the controller terminals outside into the solar street lamps controller wiring short circuit. So when construction should pay attention to the controller inside the terminal connection wire bent into a type and fixed type, exposed to the outside of the cable is fixed as the type, so the rain will not be able to pour into the controller caused by short circuit, it also can be applied waterproof glue to waterproof, perimeter joints. Artificially controlled switching time of the solar street light general installation of solar LED street lights are used is waterproof relating to overtime control of intelligent controller, with this equipment installed solar street light, we can be artificially controlled switching time of the lamp. controller is core equipment in the street, it is connected with the light source of solar panels, battery, lighting, when the controller senses to reduce voltage to set the location of the solar panels, it will drive solar street lamps light source. When we set the time, Assumptions for 8 hours) Lighting source arrived, it was closed. Solar controller and there are many functions, such as it can prevent the battery overcharge discharge problems, to avoid the damage of the accumulator. Controller according to the requirements of different lights can be designed for electric or time control, not only of the storage battery charging and discharging time can be controlled, can also control the intensity of discharge size. 
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