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How to reduce the lead pollution solar street lamps

by:SRS     2021-01-23
How to reduce the battery solar street lamps of lead pollution is a major component of the solar solar street light, solar street light is the main lead-acid gel battery on the battery, so this is a problem, is the problem of lead pollution, because the lead pollution is difficult to reverse, all kinds of lead-acid battery, we enjoy today in the future, to pay a very painful, reduce the lead pollution, became the difficult problem. Then, the method of reducing lead pollution solar street lamps have what? 1. Lithium-ion batteries with lithium batteries in terms of the lead-acid battery has a much smaller amounts of lead, but current large capacity lithium battery cell there are some technical defects, such as easy to burn or explode, especially in the transport way, meet the impact, it is easy to burn explosion, it was a lot of manufacturers to promote the trouble back at home. 2, a new type of graphene graphene battery has very fast charging performance and electric capacity, and in the future, are cheap, low cost 3, other new battery with the development of science and technology, human beings will use a bigger storage and cost cheaper battery as the battery to use solar street lamps, it will be replaced on lead-acid battery, play a crucial role, reducing the pollution of lead. Serious warning: this article prohibited reproduced or copied! All rights reserved: WWW. yzmdgd。 com
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