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How to reasonable configuration of solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-03-29

Now state advocates the construction of new countryside and the beauty of the countryside, as a kind of new energy, solar street lamps has been widely used in road lighting, solar street light system configuration determines the quality of the whole road lighting, so the solar street light system configuration option is very important. In order to ensure the quality of road lighting, convenient for people to travel, when choosing solar street lamps system should pay attention to the following aspects:1, make sure the solar street light can get a few hours of sunlight every day. 2, solar street light price is calculated according to actual configuration of solar street lights, solar street light price is higher, the higher the price of solar street light.  3, decided to solar street lights in the night of the working hours of solar street lamps lighting time and rainy day. 4, according to the local road width, and people demand for street lighting at night, to determine the solar street light lamp height, the types of light source and power. High quality solar street lights are used to maintain a long lighting time, this is also the consumer and user of the most obvious effect of the naked eye. Affordable led solar street lamp? Much discount? Solar road lights' affordable solar street lamps? Much discount? A lot of people want to know about solar street light price recently, and installation of solar street lamps use. Then solar street light small make up today to share share, below to find out together! Solar street light price is according to the demand of the customers. According to customer requirements of equipment parameters and decide the price. Such as: customer demand of solar street lamps light pole how high customer needs how many watts lamp holder? Customer demand of solar panel and battery capacity, solar panels can be based on the device site orientation of solar street lamps light conditions, etc.Customer needs met rainy day at the led solar street lamp to light for a few days, work a few hours a day. Solar street light price relative to the LED street lamp is still relatively affordable. Solar street light is a one-time charge, later need not capital. LED lights later protect capital is very large, power can the customer can according to your requirements customize solar street light. Before in our country, is pray too for power resources, lead to electricity particularly severe, this kind of phenomenon is particularly significant in the eastern coastal areas, affordable solar street lamps, energy conservation and environmental protection. 
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