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How to realize the time switch solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2020-06-18

solar street light has universal application, the masses of solar street light tolerance is higher and higher. Because it not only can people travel illuminate the road ahead, as the daylight and light up automatically, can also with the dawn and automatic subside, meanwhile the reason is the controller at work.  So, do you know how to dispatch time solar street light? Below this, let small make up for our reply this major problem.Solar street lamps factory, usually according to customer's requirement has been set working hours; start and the closed time, is by the street lamp controller of the resolution. Controller Settings mostly in doors inside. Break up controller scheduling dynamic scheduling and scheduling, remote control to manual scheduling of external operation buttons, however, most of the remote control scheduling, in the market now such a controller to adjust the working time, must be equipped with remote control. How to adjust time also depends on the use of solar street lamps controller is what kind of? 1, the charging circuit selects the double MOS series control loop, reduces the voltage loss than using diode circuits using PWM energy-saving control nearly half of the charge, the power consumption greatly add.  2, selection of load form pure light control, sensing light dark light system will automatically lights, lights time choosing microprocessor and special control algorithm, complete intelligent control.  3, scientific way of battery management, when seen in discharge, battery charging voltage boost, compensation after the normal use of maintenance, using direct charge and float charge rechargeable batteries, together with a high precision temperature compensation, make the charge more precise control.  4, all industrial-grade chips and sealing components of all bundled in a cold, high temperature, damp environment such as normal operation. Together with crystal time control, time control more accurate. About scheduling time solar street lamp, let's give the specific explanation and the professional to clarify, of course, solar how specific scheduling based on the controller is waterproof. Case-by-case basis, hoping this article to help us. 
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