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How to prevent solar street lamp light pole rust corrosion?

by:SRS     2020-03-21

led solar street lamps use and maintenance of solar street light directly affects its service life, led solar street light running cost of solar street light and efficiency. The solar led solar street lights maintenance well is a good way to keep the system running. In general, do not need to clean the surface of the solar cell components, but should be regular inspection and maintenance of the exposed wiring points. Street light pole treated with hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion galvanized layer surface is smooth and beautiful, luster. No wrinkles, sagging, plus or minus surface zinc nodules, peeling, blemishes and imperfections. The thickness of the zinc layer reaches more than 85 um. Zinc layer adhesion should meet GB2694 - 98. To ensure that the 8 years do not fade. The wind resistant design for light to 36. The design of 9 m/s light pole should facilitate wiring through, hand hole door backpacks should be adopted in the form of a door. Lever door must level off is smooth, and the leveling error is not more than + / - 1 mm, the same lamp lever door and door has good compatibility, satisfies the requirement of security rainproof lever door cut off after the local reinforcement, the strength of the basic in the whole bar. Led solar street lamp factory light pole embalmed: because of the light pole is metal materials, metal materials with long time, the value in the outside, street lamps will rust or corrosion. Light pole the general processing method for surface electrostatic spraying technology, a layer of isolation paint and coating on the surface, it can not only solve the problem of corrosion and rust, and can meet the requirements of customers for the street light color. There is another kind of led solar street light lamps processing method, namely the powder electrostatic spraying, electrostatic spraying by using the principle of high voltage electrostatic corona electric field, lance head are connected to the high voltage anode metal cup, be coated workpiece grounding form positive, strong electrostatic field formed between spray gun and artifacts when the carrier gas ( Compressed air) From powder coating powder supply barrel through cup powder conveying pipeline to the spray gun's guide, because guide cup have connected to the high-pressure negative electrode corona discharge, oriented around the cup produce dense charge, powder negatively charged. In the electrostatic force and under the action of compressed air, powder evenly adsorbed on the artifacts, after heating, curing powder melting into uniform, flat, smooth film. The electrostatic spraying could be divided into paint and coating. To ensure personal and equipment safety, electrical light pole equipment connected to or zero. Regulations, in low voltage power grid of neutral point grounding directly, the electric light pole equipment zero protection shell should be used in low pressure, and can all stand on the ground zero can come into contact with the light pole with electrical equipment, control box, and other metal case must be zero or grounded, to ensure personal safety. 
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