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How to manipulate the lifting of high pole lights

by:SRS     2021-07-31
With the rapid development of science and technology, most cities will use lighting equipment at night, and these lighting equipment types are diverse. Therefore, the lighting equipment recommended by the editor is mainly high-pole lights, because its pole body is very high, and the radius and range that can be irradiated are very large, so I mainly introduce how high-pole light manufacturers operate Lifting of the light stand.   One, you need to be trained and qualified before you can operate it     For most manufacturers, there are some basic requirements for manipulating high pole light stands. Factory operators need to undergo qualified training before they can operate. Generally speaking, when the training fails, they are not allowed to participate in the lifting of the light stand. And when manipulating the light stand, all personnel need to be eight meters away from the light pole, and they must also set up very eye-catching signs. Only in this way can the passing pedestrians be alerted.  Second, sundries can not jam the button.    For manufacturers, when operating the high-pole lamp holder, usually no sundries can jam the button. If there is something stuck in the button, it will greatly affect the sensitivity of the button. Therefore, an instantaneous reset button is needed at this time, generally by cutting off the power supply. After replacing a good button switch, you can first confirm its performance.  3. The lamp holder should not be close to the lamp pole.    For high-pole lamp manufacturers, when the lamp holder is in operation, generally speaking, the closer the lamp holder is to the bottom, the shorter the inching duration will be. At this time, it should be noted that the light stand cannot be close to the light pole, and the light stand cannot carry anyone. Before starting, be sure to check the amount of oil in the reduction box and whether its gears are lubricated. If the oil quantity of the gearbox is found to be unqualified, it cannot continue to start.   For most high pole solar street lamp manufacturers, the above principles must be followed when operating the lamp holder. It should also be noted that the manufacturer should send professionals every year to carry out the lifting operation and timely inspection.
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