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How to maintain prolong the service life of the battery solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-12-03
solar street lamp mainly divided into the lead-acid battery maintenance free batteries and colloid and maintenance-free battery, the service life of the battery in 3 - Five years, although the battery cost is not high, but engineering series of products like this battery components should not be compared like buying clothes, is hope budget than manufacturers use time for a long time, so, how to enhance the service life of the battery ? Solar street lamps manufacturer to tell you what: battery 1, prevent rain water from entering the specially used for , solar street lamp box in the sealed battery must be sealed, enough to prevent rain water from entering the; 2, temperature control: suitable for the temperature of the solar battery has itself, not too high, also cannot too low; 3, control of the charge discharge: solar street light battery charging discharging times is limited, must control the number of charge discharge; 4 the recharge and discharge stability: in the process of charging and discharging, cannot appear too high and too low voltage phenomenon. Buy rest assured, the worry is looking for , street lamps manufacturer specialized research and development production and sales of solar outdoor lights, if you want to know about or to purchase led solar street light, please click on contact our online customer service, or dial the service hotline of outdoor lighting, welcome your calls, also welcomed the leaders to field inspection work.
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