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How to judge the quality of the LED lights

by:SRS     2020-11-29

as a product of LED lighting industry is emerging, ordinary common people quite life, with its even division skill not good manufacturer and distributor, for customers to make explanation, thus forming the ordinary users to misunderstand of LED lighting products, gives the implementation of the LED products and use positive hamper. Assist the user in accurate understanding and concluded that the nature of LED product quality, under about ten kinds of identify the nature of the LED a very simple way. Choose from brand: should choose the famous brand or trademark is registered enterprise products, LED lights exquisite appearance, product brand, model, specification printing handwriting clear regards, there should not be unequal deformation off paint, color phenomenon. LED lights use aluminum radiator do usually, radiators and air contact area is larger, the better, it is advantageous to the heat dissipation, the whole lamp safe labor, droop small long service life. Ball steep and smallpox lamp don't have too much air holes, climb into, so that in the process of using mosquito lighting efficacy or unnecessary damage.

LED bulb, ceiling lamp, shoot the light, if the map on the wall of the white, shall not have spots, color circle, such as color temperature deviation obviously, if you have this kind of phenomenon, footnote lamp bead light source of inferior. When open the solar led street light, electricity and light have zero a few seconds to the time difference between the two seconds, is normal phenomenon, the usual lamp is made with a constant current source driving IC integrated circuit, its steady flow regulator function good contrast, labor security.

labor lamp body fever don't too high or not average, if has this kind of phenomenon, footnote lamp design or manufacturing process has a problem, droop big easy breakage. Due to the high brightness leds, two brands of the same type lamp, under the same premise, with his eyes look straight into the way to watch a comparison, it is hard to infer its brightness, such simple also harm eyes vision at the same time.

usually we offer cover the light source with a piece of white paper, after a white light attenuation, and then a contrast, so simple see the brightness of the light difference contrast, brightness, the higher the better. In addition, the colour and lustre of color temperature control near the sun's rays for the best. If time promise, to be able to get the same specification of two lights brightness contrast is done first, and then in a lamp that light up a week in a row, with the previously controlled the lamp brightness contrast, if not clearly darkened, footnotes, the light failure is small, light bead light source with good quality.

about the ceiling lamp, track lights, high-power integrated light source, COB high-power light source, and easy to dismantle under cover more see light bead chip products, all can choose see lamp bead light source such as electric light after close your eyes, turn off the power at the same time opened his eyes again, will see the light bead chip light, if light dissipation time deviation is too large, jagged footnote light bead chip quality, or FuPin inferior light bead chip. The whole lamp simple breakage of life is short, not easy to purchase.

in labor, solar led street light around a high-power electrical appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater ignition, there should not be so bright and dark change, if you have this kind of phenomenon, footnotes, the LED driver is not constant current or constant pressure, this is definitely for the life of the lamp.

society a after use camera to watch the phone's screen solar led street light to judge the good or bad, concluded that the stand or fall of lamp is not quite sure, must not have stripes rolled gleaming, no stripes and rolling at the sparkling are good, because of our differences and cameras, the phone's screen, they scan the refresh rate is difference, about the low resistance capacity step-down drive products, their sensitivity is not the same.

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