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How to install wiring instead of the solar garden light

by:SRS     2020-12-27
1, best solar garden lightscontroller in a check, check the specification, type, quantity, meets the design requirements, such as does not conform to, should be replaced immediately transferred goods, can not be forced. Check whether the controller surface is damaged, scratched, if any, should be replaced immediately. Before connection to verify the controller on the solar cell components, battery and load identification symbols, connection position and is negative sign. 2, solar garden light controller connection when pay attention to the positive and negative polarity, request red lines connect the anode. The blue line the negative level. Wire stripping pliers before connection should be used first lines to solar cell components, storage battery and control down on all the power cord to skin 302 mm plastic copper wire, with insulated red light line on the controller two layer packages, then in the following order connection; Battery solar modules on the light. First battery power and battery line on the controller. To pick up the solar energy battery components line on the controller of solar energy battery components block line terminal ( Solar controller in double road input, should first connect all the way) 。 To pick up the load line on the load terminals in the controller. 3, controllers, the power cord after the installation, tidy up the various power cords with 200 mm cable tie fasten, on the small hook inside the lamp post. Then put the controller in the waterproof box, put the waterproof box on the door at the top of the baffle, the damper with two bolts of M6 * 2 place, then install electric doors and locks. 4, best solar garden lightswiring after electrify, according to the controller manual of instructions, see the controller according to the LED or LCD is normal, such as fault information, according to the instruction prompt troubleshooting. 5, installing doors, using triangular fastening door lock. Clean up the scene, to ensure a clean and tidy environment, inventory tool, to ensure that no omissions.

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