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How to install the right solar street light

by:SRS     2020-12-06

in recent years, with the rise of the people living level, China's beautiful new countryside build start gradually enlarged. The government has also its performance of green for the development of new energy industry repair Taiwan, solar street light starting ordinary also use in the rural road lighting. So the question comes, rural install solar street light for a few meters? solar street lamp manufacturer is to tell you!

usually have customers ask customer service, to say that I use in the rural road several meters high power LED street light head of the solar street light with much suitable for? Originally, of the specifications of the solar street light Settings, can indicate the numerical calculation of reference must be out, but still needs according to the local nature of sunshine, the sky, the terrain elements such as to set up.

the height of the solar street light light pole is designed demand based on the country road width, usually based on light pole height width * 1 = journey. 1 to calculate, but the research to the width of the nature of the rural road conditions are usually not more than seven meters, such as trail is 5 meters wide, then can install 5 ~ 6 meters can, LED street lamp head can choose power 20 w is enough; If the right 6 m ~ 7 m can choose 6 meters to 30 w May 6. 30 w, 5 m light pole not too high, high cost both energy controls brightness will also be affected.

say cloth lamp method, usually rural road lighting with unilateral cloth lamp control. If cloth lamp method selection mistake, not only can form energy cost, the economic is a big loss. For the beginning and end of the trust, sea ray lighting, beautiful new rural installed a few meters fitted her for this issue must have the answer!

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