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How to improve the the product of manufacturer of solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-07-01

With the change of the market the whole solar street lamp manufacturers in the development of a full-blown era, which has attracted a lot of money and the influx of the enterprise, make this industry is very busy, and then an increase in the number of enterprise have the intense market competition, if anyone wants to survive in the enterprise must strengthen the comprehensive strength in the invincible position. And optimize the product structure, innovative technologies to meet diversified market demand will be the future of all manufacturers for solar street lamp to do. Solar street lamp manufacturers at this stage so serious homogeneity background, the domestic enterprise between the research and development strength, different manufacturers to do the same appearance, the same quality products for competitive is devastating. Only find travel development mode of alienation, and developed a new patented product, optimization of conventional products, cost control technology, to ensure product performance and to further promote the competitiveness of the can qualify. From the point of international competition, far beyond the domestic technology. Others in an effort to develop new products of domestic solar energy street lamp manufacturers still wedded to price competition, and such a state is no way to make the enterprises bigger and stronger. From the perspective of customers they are not only pursue cheap, but the product performance and reliability at the same time, on this basis to discuss innovation meet the increasing demand, making reasonable development strategy, part of the input is too squeamish to master scale, believe will get very good effect. manufacturers must pay attention to the matters mentioned in the right set up each customer purchasing ideology also need to consider the problem. New rural solar street light quality closes nevertheless there are a lot of specific potential factors, such as panels quality, plus the design configuration is already very exquisite, again a shrink again the result is obvious. Not because the customer didn't look not to come out of professional testing equipment specifications, was any power lights late enough time nature will not be able to guarantee. On the storage battery is the same problem, the new rural solar street lamp form a large part of the price is on the two kinds of battery, each one Ann can less a few dollars less so a lot of good companies will cut corners on the battery, affect the life and power limitation. Cheap LED light source between short term use was look not on a business trip, duration of a long have obvious comparison, good light source specular lighting failure is small, a few years later still can guarantee enough brightness, and cheap lamp bead is made. Finally is a streetlight there may be some problems, many manufacturers in order to save cost to earn higher profit then to shrink from the light pole size, wall thickness, diameter smaller, to reach the final weight but no less weight, and natural disasters windy rain stagger phenomenon will occur. 
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