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How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the rural solar street light battery components

by:SRS     2020-04-21

As a kind of new energy, led solar street lamp has the security hidden danger, energy consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, maintenance features such as automatic control, has been widely used in road lighting, especially in the construction of new countryside. Rural solar street light from the LED light source ( Including the driver) , solar panels, battery, rural solar street light controller, street lamp light pole ( Including the base) And wire of accessories, etc. So, rural solar street light battery components how to identify strengths and weaknesses? Small make up for your answer: 1, the conversion rate, high conversion rate is the guarantee of stable earnings! This is don't see the surface of the conversion efficiency, need to compare the component parameters. 2, welding process: look at the battery piece of string if there is any leakage welding welding, this can directly see through the appearance. 3, merchants: look at the component suppliers, whether industry mainstream brands, there is a common saying 'the cool under the tree,' big brand components can ensure the quality assurance and after-sales service. 4, see border quality: strict rectangular, and error is too big. 5, see the quality of the back pressure: pressure have uneven, or air bubble, drape, etc. To find out is not hard to bubbles and fold, can be seen in the sun. Component is an important part of the photovoltaic power station, once appear problem, people spend hard-earned money building photovoltaic power station power generation is not guaranteed, not to mention earnings.
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