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How to guarantee normal operation of solar street light

by:SRS     2020-05-14

1, to strengthen the training of maintenance personnel on the one hand, urban solar street light is closely related to life, it is good or bad directly affect the image of the party and the government, must through the education to improve the knowledge of maintenance personnel for solar street light maintenance work, enhance the sense of responsibility. On the other hand, with the speeding up of city science and technology progress solar street lamps, the use of new technology, need to maintenance personnel for repair professional knowledge update, meet the needs of work. 2, accelerate the maintenance of the equipment update city expanding, solar street light quantity and the increase of the service area, the maintenance personnel work, without any increase in personnel, must be continuously through the improvement, update, maintenance equipment, improve the work efficiency. 3, the maintenance within the designated target responsibility system management area on the basis of the led solar street lamp, layer upon layer to carry out the maintenance responsibility for a person, create positions, proportional amount, to do regular inspection, regular maintenance, whose responsibility is to find where the problems. 4, strengthen the law enforcement investigation dynamics on the one hand, to speed up the led solar street lamp management aspects of the normative documents, create conditions for management according to law; United, on the other hand, urban management department of law enforcement and led solar street lamp investigate destruction facilities solar street lamps, to ensure normal operation of facilities for solar street lamps.
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