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How to extend the lifespan of the solar street light?

by:SRS     2021-01-22
How to extend the lifespan of the solar street light? It is a good product not good maintenance is easily broken, mobile phones, solar solar street light. So how should maintain solar solar street light? Here are a few simple tips. 1. Timing designated clean solar energy components, so that we can keep the panels clean, prolong service life. From a long-term perspective is to save the cost. 2. On a regular basis to check whether there is dust panels, whether to have shelter, the reason for this is the guarantee to absorb enough solar street lamps light source. If it is not regular check, will not only affect the service life of the battery, will also reduce the photoelectric conversion rate. 3. Regular inspection of the various parts of the installation is in place, whether there is loose phenomenon, if there is a phenomenon of poor contact and so on. 4. Clean the parts to pay attention to the metal and nonmetal. Metal material can not use wet cloth clean to prevent electric shock, need dry cleaning. Nonmetallic material, can use wet cloth clean, but also pay attention to do not touch other places. Solar street light is very good, but also need to have a good maintenance can be used longer.
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