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How to distinguish the solar street light price

by:SRS     2020-04-22

Everyone want to buy cheap to buy any commodity, so to buy solar street light is not exceptional also. But generally poor understanding of the people of solar street light, don't know how to poop solar street light price and quality.The price of led solar street lamp of closely related factors and their own configuration. And specific to each component, and its performance, quality has a direct relationship. Such as general for LED led solar street lamp light source, solar panels and solar modules, solar battery is also called the lead-acid maintenance-free battery ( Colloid and maintenance-free battery) , lamp posts, optical + controller, etc. This a great impact on every parts of the whole system. If the solar street light price is rather on the low side he will have at least one or two components in the system of quality can not meet the requirements, which is not found the problem in electronic products in the short to medium term, but long-term use can cause the system is not stable, equipment failure or equipment damage. There is individual manufacturer promised warranty 3 years 5 years, it doesn't become a warranty is broken is not afraid. Enterprise's warranty costs must be included in the sale price, if the warranty 5 years, then the warranty costs is quite high, and the unit price if the market price is much lower, it can only explain his quality is the market product is much lower, otherwise where corporate profits come from. For example, let's buy a laptop computer, guarantee 4000 dollars for two years, but extended quality assurance will need to pay 500 dollars a year, this is the so-called long warranty motivated? 
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