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How to distinguish the quality of solar lamp?

by:SRS     2020-04-24
With the development of science and technology, environmental protection and energy saving has become the common concern of topic, solar lamp has become every household lighting supplies. Many businessmen with machine fish in troubled waters, counterfeit famous brand with poor quality of solar lights, seriously infringes the vital interests of consumers. Consumers how to distinguish the quality of solar lamp, can start from the following several methods: 1, look from the packing and marking the product quality. Quality goods solar lamp on the outer packing should be the brand trademark, the relevant certification marks, rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and other related information, and the printing quality is good, clear font; False and inferior product logo printing quality is poorer, the partial products of trademark can be erased with a wet cloth. 2, from product appearance judging product quality. Lamp holder is combined with the plastic parts, lamp and shell under combination is rigid plastic, plastic shell and the shell screens is in place, whether to adopt the appropriate insurance in electronic circuit components or insurance tube, etc. 3, look from the solar energy light bead chip droop. solar led street light for chip, also do not have in the production of advanced chip technology in our country, the LED chip is key to life, life has a droop, chip quality decides the brightness of the lamp bead and droop, good lights, not only high brightness, light and light failure is small. 4, from the power supply quality of the product life. Good must configure the high-quality drive power supply, solar lamp, good power supply heat, use of IC is imported, the power supply power factor reaches 0. More than 9, automatic protection function, make solar energy lamp longer life. 5, from assurance product cooling temperature. Let the lamps and lanterns lit for about 5 minutes, temperature rise is not very fast, hand can long on the lamp shell, heat dissipation is proved to be reasonable.
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