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How to distinguish between hot dip galvanized solar street lamp light pole?

by:SRS     2021-01-29
How to distinguish between hot dip galvanized solar street lamp light pole? As everybody knows, solar street light pole is needed after galvanizing, after hot dip galvanized solar street lamp, can use more long, makes the service life of the solar street lamps to no more than ten times of galvanizing, even more than dozens of times. The solar street light light pole without any preservative measures only 2 - service life 3 years, after the service life of cold galvanizing of solar street light light pole can only improve one year, namely 3 - Four years, and after hot dip galvanized solar street light pole can use more than 30 years and not rust. The principle of hot dip galvanized and cold galvanized or spraying zinc is not the same, hot dip galvanized is cleaning after descaling clean iron light pole in zinc pool, let liquid, high temperature of zinc and iron, good contact with all the pros and cons of light pole, zinc and iron complex of zinc - form extremely stable Metal compounds and stable zinc - formed on the surface of medium Iron, zinc - The stability of the iron layer is, according to the types of zinc, the quality of the steel water temperature control, as well as the soaking time to decide. But in any case, the zinc - The combination of iron is very tight, won't appear off layer phenomenon. Because after galvanized solar street light pole, in the air can quickly generate the density of zno crystals, these crystals can be very effective to prevent further oxidation and corrosion of zinc, and zinc sacrificial anode effect, can be further protected from corrosion and at the time of iron from corrosion, compensatory effect of zinc on zinc corrosion will be transferred to, that is, only after completely zinc corrosion, corrosion to iron. Since, hot dip galvanized so important, how should we to identify hot dip galvanized solar street light pole? Specific method is as follows: 1, the burner method of hot dip galvanized and cold galvanizing is completely different, hot dip galvanized don't need to organic solvent or epoxy resin as binder, so in the case of a fire, there will not be a surface with a plastic melting phenomenon, and cold galvanized or spraying zinc, require organic solvents or epoxy resin as a binder for zinc, the fire is obvious different. 2 use file file, file method, the surface of the light pole, hot dip galvanized light pole for zinc and iron are closely connected, so can't see the layering phenomenon, and cold galvanized or hot galvanized light pole, will appear on the surface of a fault phenomenon, can see clearly the iron light pole and paint layer hierarchical boundaries. 3, brine with file file open light pole of a surface, with saline smear, moist for 24 hours, if there is a serious corrosion, it is cold galvanizing or spraying zinc, if there is no obvious corrosion, 24 hours for hot dip galvanized. Above is about how to distinguish between solar street light pole is galvanizing methods, we hope our suggestion will be helpful to you.
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