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How to determine the size of the solar street light panels

by:SRS     2020-05-13

Different have different panels led solar street lamp, we should how to calculate it, follow the below together to learn about the solar street light manufacturer. Solar power systems and solar power we want more accurate calculating the capacity of solar panels, and at the time of calculation we should consider the seasonal change of the influence of the pv system output, design and calculate every month, in the case of load is constant throughout the year, the calculation of solar panels should be based on corresponding Angle of irradiation in the lowest. In the case of load changes, shall be counted one by one by the month, to calculate the maximum capacity of solar panels. When calculating the solar capacity of solar panels, but should also fully consider other factors, mainly including: the dust cover, line loss, etc. First according to local meteorological geographical conditions, determine the annual total radiation on the surface of the photovoltaic phalanx, daily dose, peak sunshine time ( Should consider the worst month) ; Then calculate the amount of load, power, working hours, according to load power system dc voltage ( The battery voltage) ; According to peak sunshine time to calculate the capacity of solar panels, finally determined according to the capacity of the solar panels solar panels in series, in parallel, determine the total power of the solar panels phalanx. According to the calculation results of battery capacity at the same time, the photovoltaic battery components, battery consumption between mutual matching optimization.Solar panel capacity is affected by various conditions, so the calculation to consider these external factors and internal factors, better service to the solar power system or solar power plants. 
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