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How to determine the installation position of solar energy street light?

by:SRS     2020-03-21

How to install solar energy street light? How to determine the installation position of solar energy street light? Small make up summary and finishing today to share with you: a, determine the installation position of installation site should be to avoid the shadow of houses, trees and other obstacles, so as not to reduce the efficiency of the solar panels, work time is short. If in the northern hemisphere, when installed in the direction of 'integrated solar street lights,' making solar panels as far as possible toward the south or receives the good direction, to achieve maximum energy.If, in the southern hemisphere to make solar panels toward the north when installation or receives a better direction. According to the actual project needs, choose the best installation location, along the road to install solar street light. 2, mining base:size according to the requirement of excavation, foundation construction, first of all, should follow the local laws and regulations, the geological survey of requirements, if the surface is soft soil, the excavation depth should be deepened. 3, install lamp:1. In addition to the packaging and check the attachment;  2。 Connect external waterproof connector, test lamp can work normally; 3。 Appropriate height of the lamp is fixed in the back seat of a beam of light; 4。 Please clean up the dirt on the surface of the solar panels after loading, be careful not to have objects blocking solar panels. 5。 Into the installation, maintenance regularly.4, pouring street lamp base 2 - curing Four days later, on to the next step. In the process of concrete curing should be watered regularly maintenance, can be installed after complete curing of concrete. In order to ensure that beautiful and can receive better solar battery, the battery pack in the dirt, leaves, or other impurities can be cleaned once every six months. In dust serious or regional conditions, can reduce the maintenance frequency. More about solar street light, the assembly process. Solar integration street lamp is a solar panel, led lights, and the combination of lithium battery. Through the intelligent human body induction system, with low energy consumption, high time-consuming, Gao Liuming, maintenance-free features. At the same time, solar intelligent street lamp is easy to install and transport. 
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