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How to determine solar street light controller, quality is good or bad

by:SRS     2020-04-22

Solar controller for led solar street lamp ( Solar garden light) Control unit, the solar street light system plays an irreplaceable role, is like the human brain or the computer's processor, although he is small in size, but have the effect of the core, so it is particularly important to choose a quality controller. Here are some brief introduction for you to choose the controller needs to focus on: a: exit protection voltage some users found that solar street light at work after a period of time, especially after several continuous rainy days, solar street light will be for days or even a lot of day not bright, detect the battery voltage is normal also, controller, light sources are no fault. This problem ever confused a lot of maintenance personnel, in fact, this is 'to exit the under-voltage protection' voltage value, the higher the value, the longer the recovery time after undervoltage, has caused a lot of days not work properly. High quality controller should be able to make each customer can according to the configuration set up out of the voltage protection. But it is worth noting that the panel configuration must be reasonable, if the amount of charging panels daily discharge can't meet that night, in the long term, often in a deep discharge, battery life shortens greatly, so the panel configuration must enlarge allowance, configuration of panels, the greater the exit to protect the low voltage can be set up, it won't cause the impact on the battery. 2: constant current output  LED light source due to the nature of its own, must be constant current or current limiting, normal use or affect service life. Common leds are done by plus a driver power supply for the LED constant current, but the driver consumes a lot of power. So people and ways to the constant current integration inside the controller, not only so simple installation, and less power consumption.  3: the output time common controller can only set 4 hours or 8 hours after turn on the light and so on several hours off, so can't meet the needs of many customers. Quality controller should be able to freely set period of time, every time the setting time, any of a variety of patterns, setting, better is can shunt independent set.4: the LED output power adjustment  in solar energy application of lamps and lanterns, LED lighting is the most suitable for through pulse width adjustment to achieve different power output. Control of pulse width or limit current at the same time, the duty cycle of solar led street light the whole output adjustment, such as single atom 1 w LED string of 5 and 6 combined 30 w leds, discharge at night, late at night and early in the morning time can be separately power regulation, such as the middle of the night to adjust into 15 w, adjust into 24 w, in the morning and lock current, which can satisfy all night lighting, and saving the cost of the panels, battery configuration. Through long-term test proves that the pulse width adjustment way of solar led street light, the heat generated by the whole lamp is much small, can prolong the service life of the LED. 5: heat  a lot of the controller in order to reduce cost, without considering the cooling problem, so the larger load current or charging current is larger, the heat increases, the controller of a pipe resistance was increased, a dramatic loss of charging efficiency, service life is greatly reduced after the tube overheating and even destroyed, especially the summer outdoor environment temperature is high, so a good cooling device should be controller is indispensable, iron or plastic casing is unable to meet the requirements of the summer heat, so the aluminum shell is preferred material controller hardware.  6: MCT charging mode conventional solar controller charging mode is copying the mains charger three-step method, namely, constant current, constant voltage, floating three stages. Because of the energy of the mains grid is infinite, without constant current charging, will directly result in battery explosion and damage, but solar panels power of street lamp system is limited, so it survives mains controller of constant current charging method is not scientific, if the panels is greater than the current controller first period of limitation of current, then caused the fall of charging efficiency. 
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