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How to detect the life of solar street light source

by:SRS     2021-06-23
Among the solar solar street light, LED is a solar street light source. The quality of the LED directly affects whether the solar solar street light can take pictures normally. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an LED produced by a regular manufacturer. Some customers are very interested in the life of the solar street light source. In order to answer questions for these customers, let the company’s technical staff answer them for everyone. Select five LED solar solar street light, and then use different currents to accelerate the life of the LEDs under an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, so that a mathematical model of light source output attenuation can be obtained: yu003dexp(-αt) where αu003dm×exp (nI), where α represents the attenuation constant, y represents the relative light output, I is the test current, t represents the lighting time, and n is a constant. According to the test data of y and t obtained from the above different current tests, different lamp attenuation coefficient α can be obtained, so that the luminous flux maintenance rate is 70%. If temperature is used as a constant acceleration stress, it can be calculated The expected life expectancy when the failure criterion of the LED lamp below 25 degrees is 70%. Another method is: also select five LED solar street lights of the same specification, and put them in the oven. The temperature is 50 degrees, 80 degrees, 100 degrees, 120 degrees, and 150 degrees, under constant current conditions. , Under the condition of a constant acceleration, the rated current starts to record all the parameters of the five groups of LED reliability test process: junction temperature, test time, current, power, light output (illuminance or light intensity or luminous flux), through this Parameters can be used to draw a conclusion, the failure judgment at 25 degrees is 70% of the expected life. The LED solar street light used in the above test are all from regular manufacturers. If the customer measures by themselves if the life expectancy is lower, then you can conclude that the quality of the solar led street light you buy must be very problematic. The above is the solar street light source. The life detection method, through the above methods, the life of the light source can be effectively detected.
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