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How to design the solar street light system

by:SRS     2020-05-24

System basic composition introduction: system consists of solar modules, led solar street lamp LED lamp holder, storage battery, controller, the main parts such as light pole; Solar panels 127 wp/m2 light efficiency, high efficiency, the wind resistant design for the system is very good; With 1 w white LED lamp holder part on the yellow and 1 w leds in printed circuit board as a certain distance between lattice as a plane light source. working principle is introduced: use light born v effect principle of solar cells, solar panels during the day to receive solar radiation and translated into electricity output, after stored in the storage battery charging and discharging controller, the night when the intensity of illumination is gradually reduced to about 10 lux, solar panels open circuit voltage is 4. Around 5 v, charge and discharge controller to detect the voltage value of the action, the battery to discharge lamp holder. System design thought: the design of the solar street light compared with general solar lighting, basic principles are the same, but need to consider more. Below will zhengzhou guang Yang lighting co. , LTD. , outdoor lighting engineering of high power LED street light points several aspects for analysis. System configuration: if you tell us the following questions, we will provide you with the solar street light system solutions as soon as possible, and configuration.  1, solar power generation system used in where? How is the area solar radiation?  2, system load power? 3, how much is the output voltage in the system, dc or ac?  4, how many hours does it need to work every day?  5, such as rainy weather without sunlight, continuous power supply system need to how many days? 6, load, pure resistive, capacitive or inductive, starting current much ; 7, the number of system requirements solar street lamps factory is introduced in guarantee under the condition of the working conditions of lamps and lanterns, the stand or fall of system configuration basically see the matching of solar module, street lamp controller, storage battery or not. And according to the current problems in the solar street lamps and the current technical level. 
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