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How to design solar street lights

by:SRS     2021-06-18
With the continuous development and abuse of some basic resources by mankind, there are fewer and fewer resources left on the earth. In this case, the use of solar energy technology is produced. Solar energy is not only inexhaustible and inexhaustible, but also has no pollution to the environment. Solar lamps not only save energy, but also have no pollution to the environment. These characteristics are becoming more and more popular and popular with people. The application of solar energy technology in street lights is constantly improving. Now let's talk about how the solar street lights that we usually see are designed.  1. The design of the controller  Solar solar street light uses sunlight to store electricity during the day, and then releases electricity from the battery to generate electricity at night. The control circuit of solar street light mainly has four parts, which are composed of batteries, controllers, photovoltaic cells, and street lights. The intelligent core module in the circuit is AT89S52 microcontroller. The battery voltage sampling module, the charge and discharge control module, the keyboard circuit module, the solar battery voltage sampling module, and the LED display module constitute the external circuit of the solar solar street lamp. 2. The design of the power supply circuit. generally work normally when the power supply voltage is 5V. Generally, the power supply voltage is 12V or 24V ternary battery for power supply. Sometimes the power supply voltage is not very stable, so some measures need to be taken. To stabilize the voltage. A voltage regulator can be used to maintain voltage stability.  3. Sampling template design    Whether the solar solar street lamp can operate normally depends mainly on solar cell sampling and battery sampling. The controller of the system, if necessary, requires the battery to charge and discharge normally, it needs to use the battery and solar cell to sample, so it needs to use the single-chip microcomputer to convert the voltage to digital. In the sampling template design, in order to ensure that the system will not crash or other accidents, a single-channel high-speed optical isolator needs to be added to maintain the stability of the system.  The design of solar solar street light will directly affect the quality of solar street lights. Therefore, when designing each part, the selection of each component is very important.
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