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How to deal with solar street lamps flickering problem?

by:SRS     2021-01-23
How to deal with solar street lamps flickering problem? Flicker is one of the most common fault of the solar street lamps, cause there are a lot of solar solar street light flashing, is the most important of the following points: 1, solar panels location error of solar panels should be installed at the top of the light source, if installed in the bottom of the light source, is causes solar street light flashing, but this is not the flashing strobes, a bright and dark but a minute or two, if you find a bright solar street lamps, and dark, and the interval time of about 1 minute Position for 2 minutes, basically because solar panels installation errors. 2, poor contact solar street lamps used over the years, especially after the floods of solar street lamps are most likely to happen this situation, cause this is mainly due to the wiring place of solar street light oxidation, causing poor contact, thus causing solar street lamps flickering. 3, the cause of the light source in the event of failure, can also cause of solar street lamps, light source, a problem most failure is because the light source of constant current source. 4, controller for power controller built-in type is the most easy to appear this kind of situation, cause of solar solar street light flashing.
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