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How to configure to practical solar street lamps, the price is good

by:SRS     2021-03-02
How to configure to practical solar street lamps, the price is good and it is very important to the configuration of the solar street lamps, solar street light configuration if the match is better, not only can achieve the desired effect, and longer service life, and a lower price, maintenance trouble will be less, solar street light should be how to configure to more practical and the price is better? 1, the configuration should conform to the calculation results, the system configuration of solar street light will be according to the size of the light source, illumination time every day, and rainy days, the sun peaks, a calculation formula of the configuration of the solar street lamps should be to the calculation results as the basic reference, the actual configuration according to the results and environmental factors and special needs to be revised. 2, the principle of relaxed while calculating result is very precise, but in reality, the solar panels will have attenuation, battery will be aging, light source, there will be light, wire in the system will have a certain loss, so we are doing the configuration, all to assess these factors, when doing the configuration, these should be considered, the system configuration needs to be done, for example, we according to the formula to calculate the result is: solar panel battery 80 w: 70 ah, then, we are doing the configuration, should speak configuration to do bigger, solar panels 100 watts, 80 ah battery. 3, pay attention to the short board effect the configuration of the solar street lamps in accordance with the principle of short board effect, that is, solar street light efficiency of the whole system is determined by the minimum configuration, such as solar panels should match 100 watts is appropriate, but if the configuration is only 80 watts, so the efficiency of the whole, only the efficiency of up to 80 watts. 4, equilibrium configuration is the best ratio of solar energy street light overall configuration is balanced, not only can make the solar street light to achieve the best working state, and has a high cost performance.
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