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How to configure the solar panel and battery

by:SRS     2020-05-12

Manufacturer to teach you how to use calculation formula with solar panels and batteries: to 60 w 12 v lights, for example, according to use hours per day for continuous rainy day 4 days, 7 h, application in shandong Texas region, combining with local lighting first calculate the current: The 12 v = 5 A calculate the battery capacity requirements:  need to meet the demand of continuous rainy day lighting. ( 4 days plus the rainy night lighting, 5 days) = 5 a battery & times; 7 h× ( 4 + 1) Day = 5 a & times; 35 h = 185 ah < / p > < p > in addition to prevent the battery charge and discharge, battery charge in general to around 90%; Discharge the remaining 5% About 20%. so real standard in the application of 185 ah is just 70% About 85%. Also, depending on the load, measure the actual loss, the actual working current affected by the constant current source, ballast, line loss, etc, may be on the basis of 5 a increased 15% About 25%. calculate the panels of the peak demand ( WP) :  street lamp lighting time need for 7 hours every night, h) ;  u: panels accept effective illumination time is 4 a day on average. 。 4 hours ( h) ; ease demand for panels at least 25% of the reserve amount.  4。 4 h light time each day for shandong rizhao coefficient region near the area. In the components of led solar street lamp, line loss, the wastage of the controller, and power consumption of the ballast or constant current source is different, may be 15% in actual application About 25%. So is the theoretical value of 165 w, according to the actual situation to increase.  Optimize configuration of the component given the lights work requirements in four days in a row, in order to ensure that after four days after discharge, can return to work as soon as possible, the components, the capacity to increase the shrinkage  short charge time, if the local rainy days for 4 days more, to control the charging time within 2 days. Choose 175 wp components, for example, to estimate the charging time. Charging < / p > < p > efficiency at 0 9 & ndash; 0. Take 0 9, 95. The average battery charging time: 2 x120 measures how x12 & times; O. 75 / ( 0. 9× × 160× 4. 45) = 3. Four days, time is too long. Select 210 wp, the charging time about 2 days at the moment. We can find that in the configuration component cannot see daily power consumption, only combine battery capacity to optimize configuration. 

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