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How to choose the suitable solar street light

by:SRS     2021-01-24
How to choose the appropriate selection of solar street light solar solar street light is a skilled job, 'he chose not to choose cheap solar street lamps, also is not of your choice, more not choose bright, but to choose the appropriate, suitable for the actual demand, how to choose the solar street light, need to start from actual demand. 1, choose according to the price is in commonly purchase solar street lamp, especially rural sourcing, is have a certain budget, such as a town need to place an order of 100 solar solar street lamp, budget of 300000 yuan, so at the time of purchase solar solar street light will need to meet the budget, if it is a bidding project, also need to be done and peer competition, besides to meet the demand of lighting, solar street lamps need to choose solar street lamps, the least cost price to fit demand. 2, according to the actual demand, according to the actual demand, refers to is the more expensive the better solar street lamps, also is not to say that the quality of the solar solar street light, the higher the better, it is just like to have car at home, your conditions and requirements as long as hundreds of yuan car is ok, if you just buy 200000 car, also not necessary. Buy solar street light, too, according to the width of the road, we can choose the height of the lamp, the choice of 9 meters below 6 meters of solar street light is enough, pedestrians less area at night, street lamp light five hours a night is enough. 3, reasonable choice of manufacturers choose reasonable solar street lamps manufacturers, is should choose to have a production capacity of manufacturers and can be responsible for product quality, don't choose a few middlemen, middlemen in addition to the price is quite high, also cannot be completely guaranteed quality.
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