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How to choose the suitable solar street lamps light source

by:SRS     2020-05-12

The choice of light source, light source selection is the key step for solar street light, now for the specially used for led solar street lamp light source is less, in order to reduce the loss of limited energy, light source, try to choose the dc source. At present the common light source are low-voltage dc energy saving lamps, high frequency electrodeless lamp, sodium lamp and LED light source. LED as a semiconductor light source, the strong momentum of development, is the ideal light source led solar street lamp, the LED street lamp light source is a multifunctional, environmental protection energy-saving lamps light source, suitable for various occasions lighting use. Look at the detailed introduction of port high lamp manufacturer. The LED street lamp driver is dedicated to the LED street lamp system research and development of products, used to provide a stable power supply of LED lamps and lanterns. High efficiency was designed by the use of advanced electronic power technology, strengthen and super energy-saving pulse width modulation with two output modes, time control, can be in need of ( Midnight black car much more of the day) With high efficiency enhancement pattern light LED lamps and lanterns, provide good lighting, and other time period ( Late one car rare) With super energy-saving model output, saving the consumption of battery power. In addition, most of the domestic solar energy street lamp lighting brightness should satisfy the standard of city road lighting project. 
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